Invitation to participate in Agro Sri Lanka 2017 International Expo

Since 2009, CEMS-Global USA has been operating in Sri Lanka as CEMS Lanka and have organized important Trade shows for on various subjects for the Trade & business development of the country. CEMS-Global is pleased to present Agro Sri Lanka 2017 International Expo, which will be Sri Lanka’s premier International Agricultural Trade Exhibition, one of the most important sector of Sri Lanka.

With an economy worth $80.591 billion (2015) ($233.637 billion PPP estimate) and a per capita GDP of about $11,068.996 (PPP), Sri Lanka has mostly had strong growth rates in recent years. The Sri Lankan economy has seen robust annual growth at 6.4 percent over the course of 2003 to 2012, well above its regional peers. In GDP per capita terms, it is ahead of other countries in the South Asian region. Agriculture is a pillar of Sri Lanka’s economy, accounting for over 10.1% of GDP.

Sri Lanka, affectionately called as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, is a tear drop shaped island of 65,000sq KM surrounded by sparkling blue green sea. Moderate climate throughout the year, fertile soil, freely available ground water with fairly distributed river network in most parts and two monsoons which bring rains for the two main cultivation seasons are the key ecological factors of the country.

With these ideal conditions, agriculture sector has always performed as a major economic force in Sri Lanka, making a significant contribution to the national economy, food security and employment. At the same time agriculture is the livelihood of the majority in the rural sector and plays a key role in alleviating rural poverty.

Spanning 65,000 sq km and with a moderate climate, fertile soil and an abundant supply of groundwater, Sri Lanka has long benefitted from favorable agricultural conditions. The sector remains an economic mainstay and primary national employer. As manufacturing and industrial activities have expanded, agriculture still remains a major strength, with high-value tea, rubber, coconut and spice production contributing significantly to export earnings.

The agricultural exports which accounted for 24% of total export earnings increased by 8.83 % in the year 2014 to US$ 2698.99 Mn. All major products in the agricultural sector [tea, coconut kernel products & other export crops] except natural rubber and spices recorded substantial increases during this period.

Sri Lanka’s many competitive advantages, including powerhouse plantation crops and a burgeoning horticultural sector, will help the industry remain resilient in the wake of near-term external challenges. More significant for the sector is the long-term threat of climate volatility, which will likely require considerable investment in new technology, including seeds, inputs and R&D activities. This will ultimately benefit the sector, however, and in addition to its high-potential fruit, vegetable, flower and spice segments, the industry continues to offer many opportunities for foreign investment in the development of next-generation agricultural technology.

Hence, Agro Sri Lanka 2017 will be one of the leading B2B networking platform for the entire Agricultural sector of Sri Lanka and an Exhibition not to be missed.

Profile of Exhibits

  • Agricultural machines, farming tractors, harvesting equipment
  • Milling and mixing installations/equipment
  • Dryers, cleaner, silos and storage systems
  • Livestock and poultry breeding
  • Stable equipment
  • Poultry equipment
  • Feeding equipment
  • Milk processing equipment
  • Seeds, seedlings
  • Grains, grain systems
  • Greenhouse and greenhouse plastics and equipment
  • Pesticides and fertilizers
  • Equipment for fish farming
  • Irrigation systems
  • Veterinary syringes
  • Analytical equipment

About CEMS-Global (Organizer)

Since its inception in 1992, CEMS, in this time span of 25 years has made a commendable presence in the region as a Multinational Exhibition Organizer with its owned operations in 8 countries & organizing over 50 exhibitions per annum on all important sectors of the trade and economy. With its Global HQ in USA, CEMS carries out its activities from CEMS-Global USA based in New York, its offices – CEMS India, CEMS China, CEMS Brazil, CEMS Bangladesh, CEMS Lanka, CEMS-Global Asia-Pacific Singapore, and CEMS Indonesia along with over 10 Associate offices around the world.

Profile of Visitors

‘INTERNATIONAL AGRO CHEM SRI LANKA EXPO 2017’ will be a perfect platform for Decision Makers, CEO, MD, GM, Managers, Agro Technologist, Scientist, Engineers, Owners from the below industries, Agriculture Department | Agro Producers |Agrochemical Wholesalers & Retailers | Chemical Product | Exporters & Importers | Consultants | Dairy, Poultry & Livestock Farmers | Engineers and Technicians | Entrepreneurs, Farm Contractors | Farmers, Agriculturists and Agronomists | Government Representatives | Investors and Bankers | Mass Agrochemical Product & Technology Users | New Agricultural Product | Technology Applied Organizations | Related Enterprises & Organizations | Transport & Logistic Experts | Universities and Research Institutions | Veterinary Practitioners.


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