Welcomes Neva Milk to join 2nd Global Dairy Congress Russia 2019 as SPEAKER!

It is reported, Neva Milk is building a factory for the production of cheese and butter in Cherepovets, which will significantly reduce the import of butter and cheese. 

2nd Global Dairy Congress Russia 2019 Welcomes Maxim Malygin, Vice president from Neva Milk confirmed to attend on Oct.15-16, Moscow, Russia as SPEAKER!

Don’t miss the big chance to connect and collaborate with the leading companies in the Russian dairy market – Neva Milk in the congress.
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GC "Neva Milk" is engaged in production of cheese and butter, and also produces kefir, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese and mayonnaise. The company production facilities are located in St. Petersburg and Vologda region, and the annual production volume is 30 thousand tons of finished products.

The share of GC "Neva Milk" in the Russian cheese market, according to its own assessment, is 6%, in butter market - 5%. The brand portfolio of the company includes the trademarks "Tysyacha ozer", "Sirtaki", "Gorod syra", "Zoloto Evropy", Dolce.

2nd Global Dairy Congress Russia 2019 Hot Topics
 Outlook of Government’s Development Plan for Russian Dairy Industry
 Dairy Situation in Russia: Milk Strategies for Local and International Producers
 Spotlighting on Breed Improvement Movement in Russia
 Goat Farm Investment Special Focus: Gaps and Opportunities
 Artificial Intelligence-powered Farm Management Methods to Improve Milk Production
 Digitalization in Dairy Processing Plants to Ensure Competitive Advantage
 Win-Win Dairy Trade Modes with Russia
 Dairy Consumer Preference in Russian and Global Markets
 Case Study: How to place color marking "Traffic light" for dairy products upon new regulation requirements?
 New Dairy Catalogues for Russian Consumers


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