Take part in the great food consultation

Health, transparency, eco-responsibility, fair prices…in the face of ever-increasing consumer awareness and the exponential growth of the worldwide population, the transformations taking place in the agri-food industry have never been so profound. 

In the lead up to SIAL Paris on 18-22 October, we are launching a rallying cry to incite the entire food industry to Take Action for Better Eating. From January to June 2020, we are rolling out the Great Food Debate in partnership with the civic-tech platform Make.org. The aim is to respond collectively to one of the most pressing questions of our era: 
How can we provide healthy food to an ever-growing population while respecting the environment?
World food professionals submit solutions to empower the collective intelligence.
Be part of them.
This consultation is dedicated to agri-food professionals,
with propositions based on their expertise
The 2020 edition will launch a new dynamic by opening debate around a powerful and unifying theme: #OwnTheChange. At a time of transitions, reinventions and global social responsibility, SIAL Paris is reaffirming its ambition by uniting food professionals around the major transformations taking place in the industry. SIAL is also a founding member of the Great Cause "Taking action to eat better " alongside Make.org and its partners.
Make.org Make.org is an independent, non-partisan and transparent civic tech. Our goal is to engage millions of citizens on general interest topics in order to transform society. We have developed a unique digital consultation tool allowing massive citizen participation on an open question, with clear and actionable results focusing on consensus. Our online consultations can be complemented by deeper concertations phases aimed at turning these consensuses into concrete actions. Make.org was founded in 2016 by Axel Dauchez. Paris based, the company employs 40 people dedicated to bringing our vision to life. Our independent Ethics Committee ensures our neutrality and transparency.