EuroTier / EnergyDecentral digital: four things that you need

A computer with a camera, microphone and loudspeaker - this is the equipment for your visit on “EuroTier / EnergyDecentral digital”. Our online platform will be open from 1 February 2021, so that you can perfectly prepare yourself for the extensive range of the exhibition and technical program at the world's leading trade fairs for animal farming and innovative energy supply. Take your time to discover the technical features. Check your computer's camera, microphone and speakers and plan your appointments.
We have compiled all the functions for you here. In our video tutorials we also explain step by step how you can optimally use the platform.
We look forward to your digital participation from 9 to 12 February 2021!
Yours sincerely,
  Ines Rathke
Project manager
EuroTier digital
  Marcus Vagt
Project manager


New year, new you

Jinan Eagle Food Machinery Co., LTD
Announcing New Products
Jinan Eagle Food Machinery is a professional supplier of food processing machines for 12Years. We have many kinds of machines and production line, such as food extrusion machine, soya meat production line, industrial microwave oven, packaging machine, pet food production importantly, we also provide formulas, technology supports, machine inspection service, etc. Cooperating with different manufacturers and research centers, we provide the food processing machines with outstanding quality. We have a group of experienced experts and outstanding engineers who do provide the professional service ,delivery and installation. Based on the clients specific requirement, we also OEM machines for each clients.
Puff Snack Line
Fried Snack Line
Jinan Eagle Food Machinery Co., LTD


Clean natural ingredient to enhance endurance and neuromuscular efficiency – white paper


A clean natural ingredient to enhance endurance and neuromuscular efficiency
Beetroot is rich in bioactive antioxidants, however, converting raw beets into a proven sports nutrition ingredient was challenging. There was a need to develop a mild-tasting, stable beetroot powder with standardized nitrates and antioxidants. In 2012, ENovate Biolife succeeded in developing such an ingredient and it was launched in late 2012 as RedNite®.
Learn more about the clinical research and biological mechanisms behind this beetroot derived performance enhancing ingredient. 

Check Farmers' Assistant Products, AI/IoT for Livestock Farming and more..

The Show will be held both Online + Onsite
[Held as Hybrid: Online + On-site (INTEX OSAKA, Japan)]
Dates: Feb. 24 (Wed) - 26 (Fri), 2021 10:00-17:00 (JST)
Visitor Registration now available!  (*Pre-registration required)
Register for ON-SITE visit (at INTEX Osaka) >>
Show Highlights updated! Check & plan your online/on-site visit!
>> Highlights Vol.4 Farmers' Assistant Products     
AGRI WEEK OSAKA 2021 will be held from Feb. 24-26, 2021 both Onsite (INTEX Osaka) and online, gathering 200* exhibitos with the cutting-edge technologies for agriculture and livestock farming.
If you are not able to visit onsite due to COVID-19, please join the "Online Exhibition"
from your home/office!
Register for Online Visit! >> Click  *Pre-registration required
------------------------What you can do at Online Exhibition------------------------
- Visit exhibitors’ virtual booths
- Download exhibitors’ product brochure
- Make appointments with exhibitors
- Chat & video call with exhibitors (during show period: Feb. 24-26)     etc.
>> Show Outline >>
AGRI WEEK OSAKA - Japan's Leading Show for Agricultural Materials & Technologies -
Consists of 4 shows (click each logo for details):
AGRI WEEK OSAKA 2021 will be held as scheduled while following the guidelines for Covid-19 control measures of the government, municipalities and each exhibition industry to ensure the safety of the exhibitors and visitors at each exhibition.
We look forward to welcoming you to the show!
Request for ON-SITE Visit (INTEX Osaka) >> Click



The year 2020 will go down in history as a year of cancellations! Fun was cancelled, socialising was cancelled, and of course SPACE was cancelled. In May 2020, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we had to make the difficult but necessary and responsible decision to call off our in-person Expo. It was important to us to let our exhibitors and participants know as early and as clearly as possible, out of respect for their business. Thank you all for their support in the face of this difficult and unprecedented time in the history of the Expo.

This challenging year confirmed that SPACE is and will remain the key annual event for livestock professionals. The Expo is eagerly awaited and for many of its participants, it marks the beginning of a new year. In 2020 it was sorely missed. SPACE is a unique professional event, focusing on innovation, performance and socialising. Our large livestock family meets in Rennes in September, and the reunion is essential for business as well as for morale!

Like farmers who are able to adapt to new conditions, we accelerated our digital transition in 2020, and SPACE now offers you a full range of online services. We can now connect with each other on our website or via our mobile app all year long. Featuring the list of exhibitors, product descriptions, Innov'Space winners, webinars, podcasts and much more, in our fast-paced digital world, this online version of the Expo is the perfect place to continue meeting up all year round! Go see for yourself, you'll find the taste and flavour of SPACE, a sort of appetiser for our next edition in September 2021.

We look forward to seeing you from 14 to 16 September 2021 
at the Rennes Exhibition Centre
and Friday the 17th for a special all-digital day.

In order to meet the increasingly strong demand from our exhibitors, to keep pace with the growth in the number of visitors starting on the first day of the Expo, and to take into account the increasingly international nature of SPACE, we have decided to switch to a shorter, three-day in-person event from Tuesday 14 to Thursday 16 September. This is the fourth time in the Expo's history that our dates have been changed to meet the expectations of our exhibitors and visitors or due to the national and global situation.


Exclusive highlights will be available online on Friday to extend the Expo. The two inseparable facets of SPACE will make the Expo a hybrid, tailored event in keeping with the times, featuring an in-person event and an online presence with resources, content and interactions. Nothing will ever replace the full, live version of the Expo, which immerses participants in SPACE’s unique atmosphere where people do business, network and socialise. SPACE will stay open until 8 p.m on Thursday 16 September, instead of closing at 6 p.m. as it does on the first two days, to allow more time for networking. The new, modified and proactive format will make this key September event even more successful.

Registrations for the 35th SPACE open on 20 January 2021.